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Hi Found your site, how are you I am amazed at what you have been doing
hope your happy and the young men are doing well in there chosen lives
me, go to www.peterwilkie.co.uk for a bit of an insight, I am still single and happy the happiest yet. Would love to here from you best to you keep safe and well Pte
Posted by Peter Wilkie on 08 July 2010
are you morag from long ago??
Hi. My name is Karen and I knew a Morag from long, when I lived in Amsterdam. If you are she, I remember your fun, your kindness and your creativity. I last saw you when you lived in Southern England with Rob, after the birth a of wee boy. I was in Sussex, going to school to become a Waldorf teacher. I now live in Vermont, with my husband of 20 yrs and 3 daughters. And you??

Warmly, Karen
Posted by Karen Mansfield White on 26 September 2009
Just a quick hello - my name is Morag Paterson - and I am in Napier, New Zraland... ;-)
Posted by Morag on 03 February 2008
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